Experienced Specialists

Since 1979 Omaha Surgical Center has been specializing in outpatient surgery. OSC has the highest standards and is accredited by the AAAHC. Omaha Surgical Center is a physician owned partnership.


Outpatient surgery centers like ours help to lower costs of procedures because we specialize. Therefore, generally procedures at OSC cost less than those done in a hospital setting.

Contact Information

Omaha Surgical Center
8051 West Center Road
Omaha, NE  68124

Telephone Number: (402) 391-3333

Fax Number: (402) 391-8593

Email Address: cservice@omahasurgicalcenter.net

Quality Personalized Care

Outpatient surgery centers are among the most highly regulated form of ambulatory health care. Thousands of satisfied patients know that we are always ready to help. To us, you are the most important person we know. Our center exists to meet your needs, and to provide a higher level of care and convenience than you might receive elsewhere.

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OSC Partners
  • Dr. Patrick Adley
  • Dr. Jane Bailey
  • Dr. Ernest Chupp
  • Dr. Michael Feilmeier
  • Dr. Gereld Ferenstein
  • Dr. Anne Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. John Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Thomas Hejkal
  • Dr. Robert Hilkeman
  • Dr. Jeffrey Hottman
  • Dr. Eyad Kakish
  • Dr. Lance Kugler
  • Iris Moore, IRA
  • Dr. James Pietro
  • Dr. James Quinn
  • Dr. William Schlichtemeier
  • Dr. Joseph Townley
  • Dr. Peter Whitted